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Managing assets and rights is a complex business and introducing tools and systems to automate the way you work can seem daunting at first. However, with our extensive experience, we can help you formulate your requirements and specify how our technology will suit your workflow before deploying the system. We usually do this by undertaking a scoping phase to identify how to onbroad your assets, contracts and legacy content and systems. Then we design the required workflows and integration with your existing systems. It sounds complex, but our focus is to streamline the way you work and help you make and save money.


Customization & Integration

We can customize The Assetry to suit your specific needs. We have extensive experience of integrating with storage systems (locally, online and in the cloud), production management systems, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial systems. We can also help you manage rights on third party systems such as scheduling systems and VoD platforms by implementing our API.



We host your system in the cloud, saving you the hassle and costs of server infrastructure and give you predictable storage and bandwidth costs with zero overhead. But we also have options for you to host the software.


Data Migration & Onboarding

We have partners dedicated to providing you with assistance in the migration of your content and records onto The Assetry from tape, video files, paper contracts, Excel, Access or other databases and systems.


Digital Delivery & Video Streaming

More and more content is being delivered digitally, and we can provide cost-effective services to host and deliver your content both as preview streams or as digital files.


Rights Management

If you prefer not to operate the software yourselves, you can farm out your rights management through our partner companies who will handle all aspects of rights tracking and reporting for you, interpreting existing and new contracts and encoding them.



We provide authorized and approved training courses in managing rights using The Assetry; once your staff has completed and passed the training course they will receive official accreditation.




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