Here are some of The Assetry’s ¬†
main features

Map all your system assets

The Assetry has an agent that can automatically scan all of your drives and log assets and their relationships directly into your media asset management system.




View all your content in one place

Once your assets are assembled, programmes, videos, images, audio tracks and documents can all be managed in one comprehensive system.

the assetry asset management



Manage your assets

Have detailed control over your assets, including versions, usage and rights.

the assetry tile



Manage detailed metadata

Have granular control over all of your metadata, including technical specifications, descriptions, contributors and add your own custom fields.

the assetry detailed metadata



Track history and versions

You can track all activity by user, by asset, by activity and manage versions and roll back versions of the asset if you need.

the assetry asset history



Manage rights

You can set up the rights that you have to sell or give out and the rights you have acquired or purchased in great detail and run checks for availabilities.

the assetry rights management



Manage users

You will have detailed control over all users, including your internal users, content suppliers and content customers, with the ability to control all the functionality they have access to and the assets and information they can access.

the assetry user management



 Manage clients and suppliers

You can set profiles for customers and suppliers, including their preferred media formats and specifications, required metadata and company details and history.

the assetry manage users and suppliers


Distribute your assets

You can distribute your assets internally for approval, digitally deliver to customers and post your assets to social media sites at the click of a button.

The Assetry distribution


Build video libraries

With a few clicks you can build impressive, interactive video libraries, showreels and showcases, tailor the look and feel and add any content from the system by using tags, categories and playlists.

The Assetry build video libraries


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