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Rights Made Simple

Take Control of Your Rights

Managing rights and contractual obligations for your assets can be a huge headache.

Which is where Assetry License comes in.

Assetry License enables any organization efficiently to manage rights and agreements for licensed videos, images, documents and audio media – all in one place.

With Assetry License, you can quickly and safely store contract and asset metadata, manage rights availability for your asset inventories, and analyse usage and costs.

Assetry License is also designed to integrate into third party system such as DAMs or scheduling systems in order to provide users with real-time, deep-level, accurate restriction alerts.

The system not only saves time and money, it also ensures proper and professional curation of licensed content.

Let Assetry License save you time, resources and money, by simplifying rights processes in one cloud-based, fluid workflow.

On Any Device

  • Drag and drop to upload assets and agreements
  • Add metadata and tags
  • Create your own custom rights dimensions and build rights templates
  • Track deal terms for each asset
  • Manage usage and availability
  • Receive license alerts
  • Measure analytics in real time
  • Integrate into other platforms

Any Time, Any Where

  • From brand owners to agencies, broadcasters to legal firms, the system is flexibly designed to work for any business vertical on any device.
  • As well as managing your rights availabilities, Assetry License can also store your contracts as well as your media assets themselves within Microsoft’s super-secure Azure network. This means that your content, contracts, rights, reports and analytics are accessible to you at any time.

Use the APIs and let Assetry License do the talking

  • A RESTful, comprehensive API makes it easy to add sophisticated rights management to any system
  • Bring your own security, including SSO
  • Available as a cloud based web service or as a private cloud
  • Direct support from an experienced development team

What is the Assetry License API?

The Assetry License API is the first turnkey engine for rights management that can add sophisticated rights management capabilities into any system. So, for example, you can track rights for all of your assets in a media management system, a playout system or a broadcast playout platform for scheduled or in demand content.

The API is highly configurable, enabling the creation of rights elements that can address any particular rights contract or situation, from the contributor rights of individuals and agencies to managing the usage of rights for your company.

And it doesn’t matter what those rights are – brands, sport, TV and film, licensing, music, publishing, software - even ideas can be managed.

Why should you use the Assetry License API?

Quite simply, it adds another dimension to your existing systems: it’s great accessing documents or images or videos or code snippets or music tracks or illustrations, but do you know how you can use them? The Assetry license API will tell you.

Will it work with my existing platform?

Yes, it’s an API that can be integrated into any web-based system. If you don't have an existing media management or contact management system, the system can comes with full asset management capabilities too.

It also boasts single sign-on, a RESTful API and a great support team who can help you get up to speed and provide ongoing support; we can even write new and additional methods for you should you require.

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